About HBIS

Supporting every child's Speech, Language, Communication and ASD Needs

our vision

A highly respected British Inclusive School providing excellent education in a multi-cultural setting that produces responsible inclusive global citizens.

our mission

Providing an inclusive and internationally diverse school experience that promotes holistic EYFS development, an understanding of one another, life skills and learning through a fun-filled curriculum that meets international standards. 

The transformative learning experiences at Honour-Barbara Inclusive School (HBIS) are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. Established in 2019, Honour-Barbara Inclusive School is located in Accra (with the parent Centre at Romford in London, Uk).
Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help students become successful learners who are nurtured to overcome limitations, and grow to become world changers - making positive contributions to society. Are you ready to improve your child's speech or other condition, and support their potential?

HBIS... Celebrating Uniqueness in an Inclusive World.

Join us! 


News Updates

Getting your child assessed is a necessary requirement for Admission into HBIS dynamic community.


“Speaking is life, Speech is ultimate.”

Honour Barbara Class-Peter,  SLT


Contact Us

 Accra, Ghana                                  

                                      (+233) 055 781 9028                      

Romford, UK

(+44) 0203 432 1586

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